Friday, July 08, 2005

What day is it?

We have been in India for less than a week, yet it feels like I have seen and experienced so much that I have aged months. I am finding it very difficult to maintain a grasp on time and dates (for those who know me, I truly am running on Indian time now.) Inspite of all the trouble we had getting here this trip has been amazing. Dr. Asher (our leader) and her husband (also Dr. Asher) have been able to supply us with answers to virtually everything. There have also been several people
helping our group who have filled essential roles. I have trouble spelling the names, but our guide through Agra and Jaipur (affectionately known as "G-Mony") has been super. I do not look forward to Lucknow without him. Nikki (a professor from Maine who is coming with the group) specializes in religion and symbology, so it has been very valuable to listen to her comments on the temples and mosques we have been seeing. The Director of AIIS here in Delhi is one of the nicest women you will meet - she is so willing to help. I have been unsuccessfully trying to find something in the market for a couple of days so I went to her office to ask for advice. She immediately said, "I will take you" and we got in the car and she helped me purchase it. Now I have a really sweet turban (yes, it is Crimson, I am a wildcat to the grave.) I briefly mentioned Rick (Mr. Asher) but he has been in India for several decades and resolves problems nearly instantly (for the group, he reminds me of Mr. Mundy, a good guy to have on your side.) I absolutely could not forget Ashok, our cook - I am telling you the Dalis delish.

Tomorrow we leave for Jaipur - I don't know what to expect. As you can read we have already seen such amazing Temples, Mosques, Forts, and of course the Taj. Not to mention the massive rain storm that had us walking for like 20 blocks in sewage, garbage, and water to a living (active) Hindu Temple. That was something that words can not capture and I will never forget. I know it will have a tremendous impact on my life, seriously, it was a cultural experience like none other. Shout out to Mom, Sia, The fam, the gang, all the wildcats, and a few of you who are not.


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