Monday, July 04, 2005

Mango Ice Cream

Hey Guys,

It was our first day in India. It was very cool. We went down to the market and to a Hindu Temple built in 1939. The best was the house where Ghandi was killed. They had brass markers for his last footsteps, it was cool. The food here is great, there is no way any of us will lose any weight. We went to a really nice academic club for lunch (our professors, Dr. Rick & Cathy treated us.) The mango ice cream was the best, even better than Michocana bars (if you know me that is a high standard of quality.) The rest of the cohort should be here soon. Chris B., Chris C, and I walked down to a market tonight - exploration! I found a book store that is so cheap. I got a dictionary for 99 rupees which is like $2 american. Hopefully this will post for all of you (I have been having trouble with that.) Shouts out to Mom, Sia, Yari, The fam, The gang, C-Woo, and Max.


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Anonymous said...

Hey Tony,

I'm glad everything is going well with you and you love the food. Do you love the water as well? I moved into the programmers office now (finally), and got a horrible sunburn from the 4th. The fireworks here were lame, but I spent it with friends. I'm so excited that youre enjoying yourself, and I hope youre also getting your tan on. :)