Monday, July 04, 2005

A day in wait

Today was airplane day! We had two semi-consecutive 7 hours flights, interrupted by a 4 hour layover in Amsterdam at a time I deemed too early to bother traveling out at. So Maria and I had draught Heineken instead. I had some crazy allergies going on on the plane, which was unfun. The played "Robots," which I found cute. I also listened to some lectures on tape about Gandhi's use of Power and Indian economics.

When finally we arrived, the scent, which I heard was notable, was. But I actually sort of liked it. It was a beautiful night out, and we've just checked in. I went out and stood by a fence to look at the city and traffic, and saw a little kitten further down the way (didn't touch, did admire). Everyone has been helpful, and I am anxious to begin.

But now we sleep.

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