Saturday, July 09, 2005


We left Delhi early this morning to drive to Jaipur. More than 5 hours later we arrived for some very welcomed lunch. Under the Mughal Empire Jaipur was a vassal principality ruled by a prominent Hindu family. So we quickly snapped to visiting forts and royal palaces built between the 16th-17th centuries under these Hindu rulers. There is a marked expression of Hinduism in the architecture because this principality was the most favored vassal of the Mughal Kings and received special
treatment. The highlight of the day was getting to ride an elephant to one of the fortified structures - it was way cool, Thanks Dr. Asher and Purnima for making it happen. I really like Jaipur much more than Delhi. Delhi reminded me of Mexico city, whereas this place is very similar to the central plateau region; sort of rid and hot, distinct vegetation. Jaipur actually reminds me of good ol' home - except...there are elephants and camels everywhere. Right now a big Indian wedding is taking place and fireworks are being shot off with a huge parade. My new return plans have me leaving Delhi on August 1st, Sia I will send more info later. Shout out to Mom, Sia, The Fam, the gang, AKC, V. Hoek, Tunisia, LW, The Office, Exec. Media, The church family, and Mat.


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