Thursday, July 07, 2005

Agra is over.

Well we got back from Agra tonight around 6pm (it's 10:45pm now) and ... wow.. I dunno. It's just a lot at once i guess. When we got back we talked about the bombing in India and the ones in London that happened today. So, needless to say I'm kinda feeling shitty right now. Everyone says we're safe here, and I believe them... I'm just worried about the ride home. I'm definately coming home the 21st... I don't think I can take more time here. Wish I was more balsy, but I'm not. Other than that, I'm slowly,slowly, slowly getting used to the beggers. They're as bad as you might think. Cripples trying to sell you postcards,and really young children. I broke down and cried like a baby today in one mosque. I was doing fine until this little girl, must have been six or seven tried selling me stuff... I dunno... just got to me. Okay, on a happier note, yesterday we had an unexpected little pilgrimage of our own. We were in Vrindiban heading to the temple known for being the birth place of Lord Krishna and wow!!! Straight out of the National Geographic. We had to trek through one those really narrow crowded streets in calf-deep water from the monsoon rains. What made it all so crazy was that our destination was this temple like nothin i've ever seen before... it was just this ultimate crescendo.. wow that sounds cheesy but it's true. So yeah... that's the kinda stuff that's goin' on here. I just wanted ya'll to know that in light of all the bombings and stuff I'm fine, and expect to continue being fine.So please don't worry (Mom and Dad, especially you :))Mom, I do have my holy water with me everywhere :).
Well, I miss you all, and my pampered American-ass misses home.

Lots of love,

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