Wednesday, June 22, 2005


I've been eating two cups of yogurt every day for the past week. I've heard it's good to have the live cultures in your stomach. Also, I friggin love yogurt.

Yay for Yogurt.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Bollywood for the Skeptical

Scroll down a bit to read a background on the Bollywood industry.
Bollywood for the Skeptical

Final preparations

I've spent the last few days wrapping up projects, getting things in order for the move, and reading. I finally got the books last week, and am trying to rush through them...but they aren¹t the best reads, for sure. Still, I think I'll be happy to have some background info, as it will allow me to better understand what I am experiencing when in India.
On Leno the other night, he noted that India is currently having a heat wave, and had high temperatures of 130.5 degrees. I say, bring the shit on. I am going to lay out tomorrow, I'm bringing sunblock, and I've convinced my dad to turn the AC down on one level of our house for the next week. It's gonna be hot, but at least I¹ll be approaching a state of readiness...=)
I was happy to see that my International Student Identification Card came in two weeks, especially since they said it would take four. If anyonehasn't gotten one, check it out online. It will give the user discounts on travel and hotel, etc. For those of us heading to Goa and elsewhere, it will likely pay itself off quickly.
I drafted playlists for the trip, and reloaded my iPod last night. I brought a bunch of lectures on Hindu culture, along with some Ravi Shankar. I'm anxiously anticipating the opportunity to acquire cheap burnt CDs of Indian music, which my friend said is a must.
I have two friends who have traveled through India, and their tips will probably prove valuable, so I thought I'd share: Don't spend too much time taking pictures, because you'll miss everything. No tap water, no prostitutes. Get up at the crack of dawn and head to the markets ­ its when everything happens. Get a hot chai from a street vendor ­ it'll be the best you've ever had. Divide your money and put it in different pockets, so if you get hustled, they will let you go without getting all your cash. Sleep as little as possible, knowing that you can catch up when you get back home. Stay hydrated - the average temperatures for this time of year are around 115. Don't give anything to beggar, even "schoolypens." (my friend gave a child a bic pen, and was followed 2 miles outside the town by a horde of children thinking she had more.) Put rubber bands on your wallet. Bring along some nuts or trail mix: the portions are smaller, and meat is not a central part of the diet, so you will be hungry and in need of protein. Focus on being aware of your surroundings. Experience and Enjoy.

Damn I'm psyched.