Sunday, July 17, 2005

The Old British Residency, La Martinere, and "Sarkar," with more to come (Day 13)

This morning, we headed to the Old British Residency. All the buildings (that remained) had bullet- and cannonball-holes in them. They were all named after the original residents. There was a grassy area in the center surrounded by palm trees that resembled the quad. All in all, this site did not impress me.

From here, we went to the home of La Martinere. This site was built on the bank of a river by a Frenchman who got rich selling European things to Indians. Upon his death, he left the mansion he built for himself to be an all-boys school, and his tomb was stored under the building (which I checked out - bats, guano and all!).

Next we had lunch, then saw the film Sarkar at an Indian theater. I had heard this would be a real cultural experience, and I was anxious to partake. Unfortunately, Sarkar didn't have any musical numbers, so it was much like watching a movie in the US. Later that evening, picked up some more bhang and did more shopping.

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