Saturday, July 16, 2005

Lectures, Lectures, Lectures...and the Imambara (Day 12)

This morning, I woke up incredibly tired. I headed downstairs to the first lecture, and proceeded to play the dot game and word scrambles with Tony. After the lecture, we had another great lunch. After lunch, we had another sweet lecture. This time I played word scramble with Mary and Brent. I think the lecture was on Islam in the Lucknow area.

Finally, we were released to see the Shah Najaf imambara. An imambara is basically a storage for processional materials, such as tazias. This area is a shia stronghold, and the tazia is a shia tradition (though it is practiced differently around the world).

Upon our return from the hotel, we had some dinner. I watched a movie and played "get to know each other better" with Mary and Johanna. I read a little. Basically, today was very boring.

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