Sunday, July 17, 2005

An offer I couldn't refuse

Today in Lucknow we (just our group of undergrads) went to the Residency. That is where the British lived and governed from until they were sieged in 1857. It was a pretty sweet area, except there was almost too much to see. There were tons of ruins that I did not know what they were; so I was kind of looking without understanding. A lot of the buildings had big holes in them from cannons when the Indians sieged it. The siege lasted from June 30th until November 25th. Something tells me that the importance of this victory was vastly inflated because there was a tremendous sense of "we expelled the British." In reality if the Indians had as many cannons as the story seemed, then they did not know how to use them properly. I just don't see how the siege could have lasted nearly 5 months. We also went to see a movie in the theatre. It was the Indian version of the Godfather. It was pretty sweet. I really have to go, will finish later. Shout out to planet earth and Pepto Bismol.


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Rina said...

Hey..this message is for Christy Brooks. Can you all please ask her to email Rina patel about her Calcutta Plans. Tell her I will be in Calcutta on the 21st and if she can email me her phone number. Tell her I also send her a email...and if worse comes to worst, tell her to come to the Taj Bengal and ask for me and it is where I am staying!
THANKS A LOT!!! CHRISTY CAN't Wait to see you!!:)