Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Indian films with Anand, a trip to Ogilvy Delhi, a celebration of sorts, and a dull night out (Day 15)

This morning, we awoke and headed to the guest house to see a presentation on Indian films. Anand Taneja depicted muslim representations in film. Most Indian films are shot and produced in Bombay, which is very Hindu. Thus, as the political tides change, the movies, which are keen on political linings anyway, seem to carry the thread. Interestingly enough, muslims are usually depicted as gangsters or people involved in illicit activities. These are the types of movies I generally enjoy, and I found the parallel noteworthy. Anyway, it was a poignant and factually based presentation/argument.

After the presentation, I met with Justin Rabindra, knowledge manager of Southeat Asia for Ogilvy (one of the biggest advertising agencies in both the U.S. and the world). He took me to eat and chat at an Italian restaurant in Defence Colony. Afterward, he took me to his office, gave me a tour, and let me chat with his employees, which I did for the next 4 hours. He, they and I talked about advertising, India, my adventures, politics, music, women, education, and anything else that came to mind. Tomorrow night, they'll likely be taking me out on the town...=) It seemed like a smart and efficient operation...but that's what I've come to expect from Ogilvy, having visited their NY location as well. I must thank Beth Ronsick for the hook-up - this was a valuable experience for which I am very thankful.

I arrived home just in time for drinks. Our instructors had some wine and beer for us, and we had a semi-celebration, then some dinner. They presented floral necklaces to us all, we took all kinds of pictures, chatted, and voiced our repeated thanks. It was sort of sad to see things winding down, but nothing is forever.

Afterward, we headed to the Park Inn to go dancing (I'm not much a fan). The bar was empty because Tuesday is a Hindu religious day. Moreover, as we came to find out, this particular bar had gay night on Tuesdays! After about 30 minutes, we departed, and most of us headed back to the hotel. I fell asleep soon upon my return.

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Anonymous said...


I've been dodgy about checking email while on vacay, so it's been fun to skim the chronicles of your adventure(s). It is so wonderful to take in India through your eyes, to see both your mind and heart opening wide to receive the deluge of sensory and mystical inputs. I've always contended that India must be experienced, as it can never be fully described, and as I read your musings I am certain that as vivid a picture as you paint, there is so much more sloshing over the sides of the imperfect container that is language. I can't wait to hear more on your return.

I'm thrilled that you got to meet Justin and had fun on your Ogilvy field trip. It's consistent with everything Ogilvy came to stand for during my 11 years--it is a family of sorts, and one that embraces dialogue and community. It makes me smile picturing you and Justin together. Six degrees of separation is far too many, eh?

Enjoy the south. Gorge on a dosa for me.

Sending love from the Heartland, where the home fires are blazing while you're away.