Saturday, July 02, 2005

A Day in the D.C.

Today was a layover day in the D.C. We all broke up into groups. Lee and I headed out to the folk life exhibit on the mall, escorted by Brent, Donna and Megan. We saw how soy is made, a honey exhibit, etc. Lee and I stayed on to perform a native dance, see how Omani instruments are played, and to drink a WONDERFUL fruit smoothie. Eventually, we headed over to meet everyone at the national museum of art. We viewed some Monets, some Picassos, etc., then took a tour of the sculpture garden and sat by the fountain. Then we headed back and took a little rest.

Eventually, we headed out to get a bite to eat. I ended up at "California tortilla" with Christy C, Megan, and Mary. Afterward, the four of us headed to Starbucks (where I didn't drink caffeine, as usual). When we finished, we headed back to the hotel. A bunch of us piled into my hotel room, where we watched Cats and Dogs, then Hitch. Then it was lights out.

This morning, we're going to hear back about flights. Wish us luck...
(Fingers crossed, middle finger pointed toward Northwest airlines.)

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