Friday, July 01, 2005

Activities of the workshop on India and Islam

Organizers and Workshop Leaders:
Catherine Asher, Associate Professor from the University of Minnesota, and Narayani Gupta, Professor Emeritus from Jamia Milia University in Delhi, were the main organizers. Narayani Gupta assisted in locating appropriate lecturers, while Cathy was with the group of 12 students throughout the workshop. They were assisted by Frederick (Rick) Asher, University of Minnesota, who helped with many of the logistical arrangements in India. Also helping was Professor Nikky Singh of Colby College in Watertown, Main who accompanied Catherine Asher throughout the program. Manaji was there for us always and a huge support.

The Program:
The workshop got off to a late start in India due to the cancellation of the students’ flight, causing considerable delay in their arrival in India. Originally you were schedule to land in Delhi on July lst. Four students were able to reach Delhi by July 4th but the other eight were delayed until the 5th. While the loss of so many days at first was a blow to both organizers and students, we were able to compensate by providing a rich packed program.


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