Friday, July 01, 2005

Step forward to step back...

We headed to the airport with the knowledge that our flight would be delayed due to weather. Inevitably, it was canceled, thereby assuring that we missed our connecting flight to Dehli. We'll spend two more days in D.C., and rearrange our schedule in India to accomodate our late departure.

I'd like to note that AIIS has gone to some impressive efforts to accomodate what is absolutely not their fault. They extended our food stipend and put us back in our hotel, rescheduled our flights and made new travel arrangements, and made the calls to make sure that none of our learning experience is lost in the transition. I feel so fortunate not only to have been selected, but to have been selected by some real winners. AIIS, you rock!

So tonight we ate Thai food, and it was muy delish. We're headed back to the hotel next, and tomorrow I'll probably take a nice walk and do some logic puzzles. If anyone in the D.C. area wants to help me occupy my time, feel free to call the Red Roof Inn on H street and ask for us - we've got some time to smother!


faith said...

hey, can I call you my aronikitty? I love you. :)

faith said...

sorry--I meant that for tony. (insert sheepish grin)

Anonymous said...

So, how's that beautiful temptress Christy doing?
~christy's friend